Our off-grid system – The Green Battery

The Green Battery is an off-grid system that, in contrast to the Green Generator, consists only of a hybrid set and is placed separately between the regular generator and the end use of the supplied energy. The Green Battery activates the regular generator when the capacity in the hybrid set is insufficient to meet the demand. When the hybrid package is fully charged, it takes over power supply and the generator is switched off.

Thanks to this system, the generator does not, for example, have to operate at idle or half-capacity all day, without any of the energy being used that is being generated at that moment.

Research has shown that use of the Green Battery, too, contributes to ample reductions in fuel use and CO² emission. The Green Battery is also entirely soundproof. This quality makes it very suitable for use at construction sites, in the agricultural industry and/or at temporary locations.

The Green Battery when operational

Purchase and rental options

We offer several purchase, rental and lease options. Do not hesitate to give us a call. We are happy to discuss the various options on offer.